Key Staff Contacts
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Gilson College staff are committed to the growth and development of your children. Our staff are available and willing to discuss your child's educational progress to achieve the best outcome.
Please use the links below to contact key staff members.

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Mark Vodell
Leonard Farquharson
Head of Campus - Taylors Hill
Helen Jakupec
Head of Campus - Mernda
Raelene Delvin
Head of Primary - Taylors Hill
Jodi Batten
Primary Coordinator & Wellbeing Coordinator
Israel Best
Secondary Co-ordinator - Mernda
Peter Egyed
Assistant to Head of Secondary - Taylors Hill
Damon Lawty
Assistant to Head of Primary - Taylors Hill
Titilia Hafiz
Operations Manager - Taylors Hill
Chelsea Humble
Office Manager
Mladen Kukolja
IT Manager
Andrea Claydon
Bursar - Taylors Hill
Juliette Trimble
Bursar - Mernda
Emily Ortega
Office Manager - Taylors Hill
Yvette Radolovic
Administrative Assistant to Heads of Schools - Taylors Hill
Joanna Holland
Receptionist - Taylors Hill
Beverly Maingard
Receptionist - Mernda
Ana Gagic
Receptionist - Taylors Hill