“The Christian values espoused by Gilson are encouraged in students, demonstrated by the staff and have provided a safe and supportive environment within which our children were able to develop into principled, responsible young adults. Throughout their time at Gilson both our children were fortunate enough to experience some exceptional teachers who had a significant and positive influence on both their education and their personal development.

Although our association with Gilson College will soon come to an end, Gilson has provided our children not only with a sound footing on which to base their University studies but also many lasting experiences and friendships which I am sure they will look back on fondly in the future”.

Matt Durbin


“Gilson is a wonderful school and both my children enjoy school.  We love the Christian Values being taught as they get an education. The teachers are all fantastic and communication between school and home has always been consistent. Overall, school is a great experience for my children”.

Maria Draganovic