Generation Next Student Wellbeing Program Live and Interactive

A few selected Year 8 and Year 12 students joined a few sessions of the Generation Next’s first Student and Youth Wellbeing Program for 2019. We were able to participate in this live event through Generation Next’s free, interactive webcast.

The sessions we participated in were Sarah Alderton from The Selfie Project. She had a mix of hard-hitting social media facts with fun gems of power poses and feel good techniques for self-esteem. We learned to follow things on social media that make us feel good and add
to our lives and unfollow the things that don’t. To not believe the social media versions of people’s lives which only show the highly edited highlights. To put our phones/devices down and give ourselves a break from the social media world. The live polling which took place
indicated that 40% of us would stop using social media if it weren’t for the feeling they would be out of the loop.

Turkan Askoy gave tips and tricks for job seekers and an overview of resources we could all use feel confident to reach that career goal. Volunteering was shown as a fantastic resume booster, showing both community spirit and citizenship.

Dr Gill Hicks was inspiring. Her powerful account of life-changing moments, overcoming adversity after losing both of her legs in the London terrorist bombing in 2005. Her story of learning to live again and walk on 2 prosthetic legs was truly inspirational. Learning not to hate and not to live a life in fear. Her learnings and the people she met along the way teaches us to overcome adversity, to live life with purpose and to contribute positively to the world in which we live. We should want to be better and do better, not just for this generation but for all those in the generations who will follow us.

The students who participated said that they felt value in the program and that it made them think and review what they are currently doing in their lives. That if faced with challenges and problems they know they could look at better ways in which to deal with these and seeking help if required.

We are very grateful for Generation Next hosting such an amazing and educative event for our students.