Mernda Campus Fees
Gilson College Mernda Campus Fees

Gilson College provides quality Christian education to the Mernda and surrounding communities. Our College fees allow us to provide the very best educational opportunities available to our students.

Below you will find a link to download the 2019 Gilson College Mernda Fee Schedule.

Download the Gilson College Mernda Campus Fee Schedule


Prompt Payment Discount Dates – 2018

Term 1: Friday 9th February ~ Term 2: Friday 20th April ~ Term 3: Friday 20th July ~ Term 4: Friday 12th October

Full Payment Due Dates – 2018

Term 1: Friday 23rd February ~ Tern 2: Friday 11th May ~ Term 3: Friday 10th August ~ Term 4: Friday 2nd November

Please contact our friendly staff if you have any questions about fees. Alternatively, to begin your enrolment process, please request more information about Henderson College.