Message from the Head of Campus (Acting Principal)
A Message from Raelene Delvin

Educating the mind and nurturing the heart is what this community is all about...

Developing a learning environment that respects and honours the achievements of the past, while with passion continues to look to the future with purpose and hope is our community. It is a community that supports young people to be everything God has intended them to be. Boldly sharing the Christian message of the Good News with all who step onto our campus is a life giving and life changing hope. Educating the mind and nurturing the heart is what this community is about, impacting individuals and society for today and beyond. Gilson College Mernda is a place where young people can find purpose, support, security and genuine love and acceptance. And even though our world is rapidly changing, amongst the confusion, there is a shining light that leads and gives purpose and value to our lives. That light is the transforming power of the life of Jesus and on this campus, a hope freely shared.

Since the beginning of our small school community, it was a dream that students would visit Myanmar in a service trip joining the sister campus. It was clear after visiting Myanmar on the Year 10 service trip for the second time, that service in all its forms creates a compassionate and life giving community. Community large or small connects with other communities and when individuals take personal responsibility of all people, from the poorest ones among us, this develops fidelity to community and to God. There becomes an unspoken connection that is heart-warming. As I witnessed young people giving of themselves in a foreign country, pushing beyond their comfort zones and connecting with those in need and even with language as a barrier, a powerful and purposeful community was created. I’ll never forget the looks of satisfaction on the faces of the students and the director of Hope Orphanage when the light of the Gospel touched the conscience and two unlikely communities connected in adeeply human way.

Whether we contribute in our school, in our homes, as volunteers in a range of causes or on mission trips overseas, we all share in the abundant love of God and all of us are called to share this goodness. What a privilege it is that we can be part of a Christian ‘learning community’, never forgetting that knowledge for the mind develops the intellect, food for the body is essential for health and spiritual sustenance for the soul will grow the whole individual from within. After all, it is people that make Gilson College so special. May we adapt to uplifting initiatives and inspiring calls, and continually reflect and seek ways to meet the needs of our school community in love, service and with hope. As we approach the years ahead, may these wonderful virtues be strong pillars to the students and stakeholders of our ‘learning community’.

Raelene Delvin
Head of Campus (Acting Principal)