Out of School Hours Care
Our Aim is in developing the child as a whole, to achieve their full potential with a strong sense of identity and well being, to have a range of skills that build confidence, empathy and abilities. Our wholistic approach ensures strong links in partnership between families, the school and local communities with the opportunity for decision making that promotes safety, encourages optimism, happiness and a healthy active life style and an understanding of nutritional values.   Philosophy All activities and experiences offered are full of SPICE – Social, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural and Ethical. The programs are child-centred and play-based, with a wide variety of activities for the children to choose from.  The role of staff is to provide the resources and skills training to support the children’s choices.   Core Values
  • Respect (for self, for others, for equipment and for the play spaces)
  • Responsibility (for self, for others, for equipment, for activities)
What is OSHC?
  • OSHC is a form of childcare for children available to all parents of primary school aged children.  Parents that may be, studying, working or looking for work or need respite care are eligible to use the program.
  • To provide encouragement for children to grow in all areas of spirituality, language, intellectual, physical and social development in a Christian environment.
  • To respect diversity of families and work in partnership with them to provide optimum care
  • To provide optimum care
  • To provide a safe, happy, comfortable and stimulating inside/outside environment
  • To provide care meeting needs of all families using the service
  • To provide opportunities that promotes self-worth as a basis for healthy interpersonal relationships.
  • Foster healthy living through nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine and rest
  • To encourage through all aspects of the program, children’s independence, self esteem and regard for others.
  • To invite and encourage parent participation
  Partnership with the Families Gilson College Outside School Hours Care Program welcomes the input of all parents/guardians and children into programming ideas. A suggestion box and surveys are available so that the service receives feedback on its operation and that it is always responsive to diverse needs of the community.   Hours of Operation Before School Care 7.00am – 8.30am weekdays during school terms After School Care 3.30pm – 6.00pm weekdays during school terms Venue We are located in the Acacia Room, 1st Room on your left of the Junior School building. Phone number: Direct line is: 9717 7320 Priority of Access Guidelines Gilson College OSHC uses government priority of access guidelines to determine priority in allocating places. (See Gilson College OSHC Program Policy).   Fee Structure Permanent Care – Regular specified day/s throughout the year Casual Care – Care used on a daily basis   Before School Care Program  Permanent:                              $15.00 per child per session Casual Booking Fee:                $17.00 per child per session Short term Fee:                        $8.00 per child per session (no breakfast) (8:00am to 8:30am) After School Care Program Permanent:                              $19.00 per child per session Casual Booking Fee:                $21.00 per child per session Short Term Fee:                       $10.00 per child per session (with Snack) (3:30pm to 4:15pm) Late Pick Up: $ 10.00 first 5 minutes then $1.00 per minute for each child Cancellation Cancellation fee                   No Charge (with 48 hours notice) Late Cancellation fee          50% of full fee (less than 48 hours notice)