Letter to Parents

12th Feb 2021


Dear Parents/ Guardians,

As you will have heard, the Victorian Government has announced renewed restrictions for Victoria. This announcement includes serious measures affecting all schools.

The mandatory measures, which come into effect at 11.59 tonight (12th Feb) and operate until 11.59 pm on Wednesday, mean that all schools will be closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

Only in the most extreme or exceptional circumstances will students be permitted on the campus. More on that in a moment.

The following items are important to note:
  • Dedication Night tonight for Mernda – cancelled
  • Year 9 Camp Taylors Hill campus – postponed (not cancelled)
  • Year 7 Camp Taylors Hill and Mernda Campus postponed (not cancelled)
  • Senior classes (Year 11 & 12) will have work and how this will occur will depend on your subject and you will be notified by your teacher as to exactly how this will operate. This may involve Zoom classes and when scheduled are compulsory.
  • Foundation to Year 10 will have some set work for students – however there will be no Zoom sessions because we have not had the time to distribute devices to all students. Work will be sent via email or SEQTA, however there will be no Zoom classes in Foundation to Ten.

Onsite supervision will be available for vulnerable children, and the children of permitted workers who can’t work from home. You will receive a form via EdSmart shortly and you will need to respond to this by 12:00 noon on Sunday 14th February.

We are expecting further specific information from the Department of Education and Training, and we will share this with you as soon as we receive it.

I know today’s news will be extremely disappointing and frustrating for you, and we share your disappointment and frustration. We are particularly concerned about the impact these measures, on top of what we all endured last year, will have on the mental wellbeing of our staff and your children.

Once again, we will keep you informed of developments – and remember we can do this!

Mark B Vodéll